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About Us

Gemini Properties Group provides a wide variety of home remodeling services for anyone in or near Naples, Fl. We are a popular contractor when it comes to kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, new house construction, new home additions, and many more!


Home Remodels Just for You

Let our 23 years of project management experience work for you! Whether you live in Naples, FL or not, we can help you invest in the area! We will search properties for you with a recommended plan to invest, rent out, sell, or for your own enjoyment.

Nothing is too big for us to handle. We offer a thorough analysis of growing locations for various types of budgets. Through the process, you will be presented with several options along with their potential cost and sales values for an estimated return on investment.

Once an opportunity is selected we can move forward with the land and housing development plans.

Regular cost reports and weekly construction reports will show planned vs. actual progress and planned vs. actual budget analysis.

Depending on the house size and location – on average an investor could expect a return on investment to be 15% or more!

Glam up Your House With Our Home Builder!

Our Full Range of Services Includes

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Luxury New Home Construction

For any home renovation project, we want to make sure we do everything right. We specialize in luxury home renovations to ensure you have the most updated kitchen or bathroom remodel in the area.

luxury kitchen interiors remodeled with marble backsplash and countertops naples fl
Home Renovations

Home renovations are the perfect option when you have an outdated kitchen or bathroom in your house. Let us help you revamp it with the best materials, design, and strategies from our master expert.

master bathroom remodeled with walk in closet installation naples fl
Interior Remodeling

Make the most out of your home by having a new and improved bathroom that you and your whole family can enjoy! Trust only the expert when it comes to the bathroom remodeling of your home. We are confident that we can satisfy your needs.

remodeled kitchen
Kitchen Remodeling

Transform spaces with our kitchen remodeling. Boost property value & elevate design aesthetics for homes & businesses alike. Let your kitchen reflect your style.

renovated bathroom in a luxury house
Bathroom Remodeling

Elevate comfort and luxury with our bespoke bathroom remodeling services. We meticulously enhance aesthetics and functionality, catering to both homes and businesses in the vibrant heart of Naples, FL. Transform your spaces into modern sanctuaries.